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Classes and Pricing

Note: All classes are 6 week courses.

Obedience and Behavior Modification

Puppy class
Socialization, basic problem solving (chewing, potty training, barking, biting) getting your puppy off on the right paw. For ages 8 weeks to 6 months- cannot be older than 5 months at start of class. Limited to One puppy per household per 6 week session.  Puppies under 6 months must have at least 2 DHPP & 1 Bordatella booster before start of class and must have proof of vaccinations submitted with application,  NO DOG WILL BE ADMITTED WITHOUT THIS DOCUMENTATION. All paperwork MUST be submitted by the first class.- including application form, waiver, vet records, and payment.,  NO EXCEPTIONS, you will not be allowed to bring your dog without these.

Obedience Level I
Basic manners, work on attention, sit, down, stay, come willingly when called, walking nicely on lead, and Leave It! For dogs 6 months or older.

Obedience Level II
Fine tuning of Level I, with the addition of heeling, fronts, finishes.. For dogs 6 months or older, and has successfully completed Level I - must have solid sit & down.

Obedience Level III
Special weekly focus by the moderator of a different learning skill.  This class is for students who want the most out of their dog, start of off-lead work, hand signals, proofing, preparing to show, and dumbbell retrieve. For dogs 6 months or older, and must successfully pass Level II & have a solid off-lead STAY command.  Must have a competition dumbbell (available at J&J Dog Supplies - J J Dog Supply ).  Limit 10 students.

Rally-O - Beginners and Advanced
Rally-O, or Rally Obedience combines the fun of dog agility with traditional obedience.  There are 3 levels of Rally - Novice, with on-leash exercises that demonstrate the dog's understanding of basic commands such as sit, stay, down, and come and heel position; Advanced, a set of exercises performed off-leash that includes at least one jump; and Excellent, a more difficult off-leash course that includes at least one jump and demonstrates more precise skill and coordination between the dog and handler.   Signs instruct teams to go fast or slow, to halt (dog must sit at heel), to make turns and circles, to reverse direction, to do a sit-stay-recall, or to follow other basic obedience exercises.  Dogs must be crated.  Limit 6 dogs.

Ready to Show
Individualized session for experienced handlers/dogs - a combination of heeling and obedience exercises.

Scotty doing agility

Agility for Fun

Fun Agility
Using a positive method, introducing tunnels, chutes, weaves,  jumps and contact obstacles all at very low heights, target training,and flat work. A solid obedience foundation is required.  this class requires a flat collar or harness and leash. A properly fitted martingale collar is also OK. **Absolutely NO chokes, prongs, e collars, or haltis, etc while working the dogs on equipment.** For dogs 6 months or older.  No reactive dogs. Must pass Level 1 obedience. Limit 5 dogs.


Scent Work/Nose Work

A sport which allows your dog to harness their innate sense of smell to detect odors.  It uses the dog's natural ability to find food or scent oils such as birch, anise,and clove.

Intro to Scent
This class helps teach dogs to search, and the number of finds (food hides) will decrease. For dogs older than 1year old.


Conformation is how a specific dog's structure, type and temperament conform to it's breed standard of excellence. Conformation is also referred to as breed competition.  The class covers teaching you to work with your dog on gaiting and teaching them to stack and stay still while being examined. It also covers rules and regulations of AKC, UKC and other organizations as well as information for the handler themselves.

Classes will be held weekly for 6 weeks for new puppies or dogs.  Conformation classes will also be held on a drop-in basis for $10 per handler  ($5 for juniors or club members).  You must RSVP & call us for details. Vet shot records required.

AKC Evaluation Tests

It is important that dogs and their owners set an example for responsible dog ownership.  Both the AKC & UKC have developed tests to evaluate the dog and their owners for appropriate behavior, and to demonstrate those behaviors. 

Call for appointment time - 513-424-4442 prior to test date.

  AKC - Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test 

Dogs must be one year old or older and have successfully completed a Level 1 Obedience class.

Before taking the Canine Good Citizen test, owners will sign the Responsible Dog Owners Pledge. We believe that responsible dog ownership is a key part of the CGC concept and by signing the pledge, owners agree to take care of their dog's health needs, safety, exercise, training and quality of life. Owners also agree to show responsibility by doing things such as cleaning up after their dogs in public places and never letting dogs infringe on the rights of others.

After signing the Responsible Dog Owners Pledge, owners and their dogs are ready to take the CGC Test.  Items on the Canine Good Citizen Test including Accepting a friendly stranger, Sitting politely for petting, Appearance and grooming, Out for a walk (walking on a loose lead), Walking through a crowd, Sit and down on command and Staying in place, Coming when called. 

Only $10 testing fee plus AKC title fee (if desired).  Open to all dogs(whether or not registered in CGC class). 

Obedience Pricing- 6wk session

  Starts     Time Price
Puppy Aug 8 6pm $90
Level I Obedience Aug 7 or
Aug 8
6pm /
Level II Obedience Aug 7 7:15pm $90
Ready to Show TBA 7:30pm $100
Rally-O - Adv
Rally-O - Nov
Aug 6 6:00pm
CGC test   by appt $10
Conformation TBA TBA $75

Agility/Scent Pricing

  Date Time Price
Fun Agility - Intro     Aug 10    9am $100
Fun Agility-
Lev 2
Aug 10 10:15am $100
Intro to Scent Mon 6pm $100

                   Classes are for a weekly 6-week session.
                   2024 Class Sessions start:-
                          (Registration due 1 wk prior)
                          Jan 1                    Jun 17-closed
                          Feb 12                  Aug 4
                          Mar 25                  Sep 16
                          May 6                   Oct 28
                   MDTC  Members - $40 Puppy & Obedience,
                                                  $50 Specialty classes

Full calendar

How to Register

You can either download our registration form  - and email it to admin@middletowndogtraining.com .  For questions: give us a call at 513-424-4442 (leave voicemail message).  Classes fill very quickly!  To ensure your spot in class, we must have payment.  If mail to PO Box 214, Middletown, OH 45042: Please submit form  & payment ASAP prior to class start date.  Bring/or send copy of your shot records  (DHPP or DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella/Kennel Cough-may have to request from vet) 7 days before the first class. Puppies under 6 months must have at least 2 DHPP & 1 Bordetella booster before start of class.
Please provide a copy of shot record receipt from your vet. Only shots given by your veterinarian are accepted.

Alternate PDF file Registration Form – if you cannot download the above form. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to read.

Download registration form

These forms are NOT available to fill out online, you must save the form to your device, and send it back to us